Comfortable Horse-Riding Clothing Also Cushioned For Safety

This serves notice as a useful introduction to all those who are just getting into the good habit of horse riding. Barely into the first few riding lessons, you can already see that your shopping list is as long as your arm. You will have noticed that whilst you have not yet kitted yourself fully with your full wardrobe of horse riding clothes, the riding school that you are attending is providing you with one or two important loan items in the meantime.

One thing you need to keep in your wardrobe is your riding helmet. It looks nothing like a motorcycling or bicycling helmet. When you see one of these bowler shaped, felted hats, you’ll know that you’re looking at a horse riding helmet. Apart from its stylish shape in traditional black, it’s actually quite comfortable to wear. And then you must get yourself a proper pair of riding boots. It allows you to slip your feet comfortably into the stirrups.

riding clothes

And then keep them there. And it’s also comfortable for the horse as well because while you are riding, your legs will have a tendency to bump the horse’s kidneys. Too often it has happened in the past. Perhaps it is the excitement of the first few rides, but there may be people who quickly forget about the horse’s welfare which, when you think about it, is of equal importance to you. If you can keep the horse safe and comfortable while riding, then you can be safe and comfortable too.

Where do you buy your horse riding clothes and protective gear? The traditional place to shop is the livery but these days you can order your horse riding gear online. Only you do need to make certain that you have purchased the correct sizes.