Propane Safety Tips

Natural gas such as propane can be used for a wide range of uses.  The use of annapolis propane in homes, trailers and even outside for cooking are some of the most common uses.  When using propane however, you need to make sure that you handle it with are.  If a mistake occurs with this gas, you can become seriously injured or even killed.  Follow these tips and make sure others do as well.

Don’t store propane in living areas such as basements and attics

When storing this gas you want to store it away from the house.  You want to put it in a shed or other area that is far enough away from the house that if it does leak or catch fire won’t do that much damage. 

Properly secure when transporting

When transporting these tanks you want to use heavy chain to tie the tanks down.  You don’t want them rolling around the bed of your truck or the back seat of your car.  Place them in a square plastic container and up against the side of the car.  Use blankets to ensure that they don’t shake around.

Have professionals attach tanks

Propane is not a do it yourself project.  Many people will want to consider hiring a professional to hook up the tanks to their appliances.  If you have a leak you will want to make sure that you can shut it off before it becomes a problem.

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Use outside

You want to use your propane outside.  Never use propane inside.  This gas needs a well-ventilated area to be operated in.  If you try using it inside be extremely cautious and have windows and doors opened.  When using this gas make sure you are away from the house as well from anything that could catch fire if something happened.

Use common sense with natural gasses.  These can easily ignite causing fire and extreme damage.