Shades Great For Physically Challenged People

These are not your ordinary shades. These automatic shades new york fittings are great for physically challenged people who are hopefully residing in wheelchair friendly and safe boroughs. And when you think about it, these automatic shades are great for you too. Let’s explore some of the reasons why this may be so. For one thing, having automatic shades is like having your home entertainment remote right at your side at all times.

It’s very convenient. You could be sitting in your favorite chair watching a favorite talk-show in the afternoon or following the stock markets in the early to mid-afternoon. You had your blinds open to let in a bit of light and air. But then the sun changed direction, and there you go, it’s brightness, so bright, hit your TV screen and you could barely see a thing. So instead of huffing and puffing from your easy chair, all you had to do was just press that button on your remote.

And there you go; your automatic shades glide gently and smoothly to a close, blocking out all the sunlight. There are those that say that this is yet another gimmick for really lazy people. To keep you going physically, wouldn’t it have been better to just get up and go close the blinds already? It would have only taken you half a minute. Not so, that’s not quite how it works here. You see, ordinary blinds and shades remain notoriously difficult to close.

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The strings and baubles keep on getting jammed, and before you know it, yet another pair of blinds has gone to the dogs. But not automatic shades. It is a smooth operation and it doesn’t even make a sound. By now, its obvious convenience for physically challenged folks should be clear enough.