The Best Shooting Ranges in the Charlotte Area

If you are a gun enthusiast in the Charlotte, NC area, you surely enjoy a therapeutic trip to the shooting range at times. Some folks thoroughly enjoy taking their firearms to a shooting range and shooting at some targets to let off some steam.

Whether you’re comparing shots with your buddies to see who the best marksman is, or you just want to get some practice in solo, there are plenty of places in the Charlotte area where gun owners can test their mettle.

Check out the list below for some of the best shooting ranges in the Charlotte area. If you’re looking for shotguns for sale charlotte to add another one to your arsenal, you’re in luck. There are plenty of places in the Charlotte area to stock up on ammo and the like if you are in need of it.

Blackstone Shooting Sports

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Blackstone Shooting Sports is a fine shooting range in Charlotte, located on Wilkinson Boulevard. It offers several things for its members to enjoy. Among these are shooting classes inside the range, a nice retail store where you can make purchases, and a lounge for members. This place really goes all out to make your membership well worth the money.

Carolina Sporting Arms

Carolina Sporting Arms is located on South Boulevard in Charlotte. A friendly staff oversees the place, helping out anyone who needs it. There is a pistol range for your enjoyment, and there is also a shop portion where you can purchase guns and ammo. This is definitely a one stop shop for shooting and buying some things you might need to keep your firearms in tip top shape.

Mecklenburg Wildlife Club

This range is one of the most well-equipped ones in the area, with a host of different activities for members to enjoy. At the Mecklenburg Wildlife Club which is located on Wildlife Road in Charlotte, you will find a regular shooting range, a range for skeet shooting and trap shooting, and pistol bays featuring steel plates. There is plenty to do here for any firearm enthusiast, so be sure to check it out if you haven’t already!